To the Editor:

Fran DeSimone writes that he fears socialism.

Not long ago the bad word was communism.

Just exactly where is the government intruding? Try to be specific and let's all look for answers, not just be fearful.

Do you want to do away with that monthly Social Security check?

How about the Medicare -- Medicaid checks?

How about the highways? Do away with the speed limits?

Hospitals are going broke because people with no insurance charge their care to us. We need to do something about that.

Any ideas?

Then there are the endless wars.

President Bush didn't even pay for them during his eight years.In fact, he reduced taxes on the wealthy, leaving a huge deficit for President Obama after inheriting a surplus from President Clinton.

Hitler paid for his wars in the worst possible way.Please don't accuse our present government of emulating his.

Part of a good education is learning to question authority. If we all work together, we can solve our problems and we can say never again.

Diana Hardee