Asks for return of stolen memory cards

[Editor's Note: The following is an open letter to area residents from Lisa Dugan of New Milford, who was the victim of theft last week].

On late Tuesday night, early Wednesday morning Sept. 25-26, between the hours of 11 p.m. and 1:30 a.m., someone broke into my white minivan in the Ridge Road area of New Milford and stole the contents of it.

They also came into my garage.

Gone were my blue, grey and black mini-backpack, which served as my purse and the contents inside, my black rectangular photo bag with my Pentax camera and white Flip video camera inside, my Magellen GPS, my Verizon phone and my Medela infant scale in a large black bag I use to work.

They stole my son's size 26 white mountain bike, which has red stripes and black lettering and the word Next on it, as well as my husband's dark blue and silver bike with Specialized written on it. It was missing a pedal.

Although all of these things were important to me (and I would like them back), all are replaceable. They are material items that can be bought again.

The cash and gift cards are gone.

What I am writing this for is to appeal to the person/people who took my things.

Inside my camera and inside that purse in a ziplock bag were all of my kids' pictures on memory cards.

Memories I can not get back. Those are the only things I need back.

No questions asked... drop a note in the mail as to where they were left or simply throw them back onto the property where they were stolen (since you know my address and have my license).

My children mean everything to me and I would like those memories back.

So please, if you know anything, saw anything, see anything in the future, this mother's heart hurts for the memories you have stolen which mean nothing to you and everything to me.

I'm sorry you needed my stuff to make your life better. Wrong has been done.

Please, leave my family our memories. Thank you from a mom missing memories.

Lisa Dugan

New Milford