[The following is an open letter to Bruce Adams, first selectman of Kent, from resident Daniel S. Mathews.]

A recent edition of The Greater New Milford Spectrum contained an excellent article about an exemplary young man, Mr. Michael Iannucci of Bridgewater, who, despite being only 11 years old, has already come to the conclusion that too many people have suffered from Lyme disease.

Do you agree, Bruce?

Mr. Iannucci is now working with two state legislators, the honorable Rob Kane (R-32) and Arthur O'Neill (R-69) to combat this serious epidemic, because all three believe government can and must work in concert with the citizenry to protect all of us from contracting this dreaded illness.

Do you agree, Bruce?

If so, please take the time to answer the following questions:

1) Are you aware of the scope of the Lyme disease epidemic in our own community of Kent?

2) Do you know how many of our fellow citizens of Kent have contracted (and in numerous cases, re-contracted) Lyme Disease?

3) What steps have you taken hitherto to address this crisis? If "none," why not?

4) Have you studied what exemplary communities with responsible, pro-active civic leaders have already done to successfully combat Lyme disease, as outlined on the website for the Connecticut Coalition to Eradicate Lyme Disease?

5) If so, which of these steps have you already implemented? If "none," why not?

6) How many more residents of Kent must contract Lyme disease before the local government decides we have a problem on our hands, and takes serious steps to measurably reduce the threat of Lyme disease?

Thank you for your consideration.

I hope you will decide to take specific, measurable actions to combat this terrible illness which has already devastated so many residents of Kent.

If you choose to do so, you will have no more ardent champion for this cause than myself and you may rely upon me to do more than my fair share of the heavy lifting in this effort.

Daniel S. Mathews