[Following is an open letter to the Sherman Board of Selectman from residents Tom Conley and James Maharg.]

Although we were looking forward to attending the July 25 monthly Sherman Board of Selectman meeting, unfortunately we will not be able to.

We would appreciate it if you will read our letter, address the questions and provide answers regarding the agenda.

In a recent edition of The (New Fairfield) Citizen News, there appeared two conflicting articles.

The first article was regarding Clay Cope's re-election campaign announcement citing his accomplishment in "turning around the struggling emergency services project."

The second article was also regarding the project, detailing the continuing lack of progress on the basic mechanical operations which are preventing the issuance of a CO.

Please answer our questions below to help the town understand why an important and integral project as the emergency services project is allowed to continue to linger beyond all of the many completion dates given to the town over the past four years.

Thank you.

1) When did this project begin construction?

2) What is the current status of this project?

3) Who is in charge of and accountable for this project?

4) How much debt is outstanding on this project?

5) How much is left in the budget to complete all outstanding mechanical problems and needed repairs?

6) Is there a permanent or temporary CO in place? If not, why not, and when should this be expected?

7) What is the new projected completion date for this project? What assurance can you give to the town any completion date given will be a valid one, when every date given so far has been unrealistic?

8) We are entering the start of another hurricane/storm season. Will the facility be ready and available to the town for use as an emergency refuge if needed? If not, why not after four years?

Also, regarding, the Spring Lake road repaving project, this did not appear on the agenda. Has it been eliminated?

Thank you.

Tom Conley

James Maharg