Artificial Turf meeting Wednesday

An Artificial Turf Construction Committee meeting will be held Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at New Milford High School, 388 Danbury Road.

The agenda will include questions regarding the use of crumb rubber, an organic option, or other alternative as part of the turf field construction. Those unable to attend may submit letters to All letters received will be submitted to the committee.

“There was a significant amount of misinformation about the utility and costs of organic alternatives to crumb rubber,” said Mayor David Gronbach. “Given the significant concerns raised about the possible health and environmental effects of using ground up used tires on afield our children will be playing on and on land that the town is responsible for, I have requested that organic alternatives be given a second look.”

Gronbach said he has been advised that even if an alternative to crumb rubber is used, it will not delay the construction or completion of the turf fields. A similar debate is ongoing in Hamden and many municipalities and schools are or have switched to the organic alternative, the mayor said.

“Failure to adequately consider this option could in the future land us in the position we now face with cleaning up the asbestos and PCBs on town property, currently at a cost of millions,” Gronbach said. “Now is the time to consider the issue, not when the product could be banned in ten years.”

The mayor added that if the product is safe, he sees no reason why a guarantee of its safety cannot be provided.; 203-731-3352