Armed security guard course slated

The next Connecticut Armed Security Officer Blue Card course will be held April 24 in New Milford.

Conducted by HF LearnSafety LLC, the course certifies men and women who wish to enter the security services field as armed security guards in the state.

The one-day course will be taught by Herbert Furhman, a state law enforcement and public security firearms instructor and retired police officer.

State statutes concerning employment and licensing in private detective and security services, use of force of persons and premises, criminal codes, U.S. federal firearms regulations, firearm safety, carrying and shooting techniques and marksmanship skills are taught.

The course will include a written examination and a live course of firearm qualification for security personnel.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants may apply to a security services company for state pistol permits to be amended by the state police for armed security services employment.

For further information, call Mr. Furhman at 203-947-4327, visit or email