To the Editor:

Western Connecticut Clean Air Action recently announced the installation of an air quality monitor at Kent School.

While I commend WCCA for their work to protect air quality, exception must be taken to their statement that although Cricket Valley Energy Center may degrade local air quality, it “is expected to… create cleaner ambient air overall for distant regions….”

CVE will not make the air cleaner anywhere: Only Indian Point in New York State is targeted for closure and this nuclear facility is not a generator of the volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, or the CO2 that the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation tells us will pour from CVE’s smokestacks.

Additionally, new regional sources of pollution, including the Competitive Power Ventures Plant in Middletown, N.Y., will make our air dirtier.

A proposed 500 MW gas-fired power plant in Newburgh, N.Y., (Danskammer) is about 50 miles from Kent.

Monitors may tell locals when to put on gas masks, but they will not be connected to the on/off switch at CVE.

Even if the air around Connecticut schools becomes so toxic that classes are canceled or people are hospitalized with respiratory illnesses, CVE will not be shut down. Whether one person breathes the air (near a monitor), or someone breathes it (without monitoring), or the planet breathes it, CVE is bad news.

New York sued the EPA over power-plant emissions coming from the Midwest. Connecticut, with no say in CVE’s permitting, will be the primary recipient of CVE’s emissions. Maybe Connecticut should sue New York?

Joshua Douglass, Esq.

Millerton, N.Y.