To the Editor:

We do not need a community center, which would become another tax burden on taxpayers.

The cost to renovate an already decrepit building, Pettibone, then maintaining and staffing such a facility would be an enormous expense to the town.

The services a so-called community center would provide already exist in one form or another. A future newly renovated library that provides a great service to the community with a variety of programs and meetings. A senior center whose services speak for themselves. Our school buildings which can and are utilized for various activities.

We have numerous parks, the jewel of which is Lynn Deming. Our town has a number of private gyms that provide citizens with many professional healthy activities at competitive rates. The continuous discussion regarding the need for a community center is a waste of time and money.

Anytime you add a service to the town you ultimately pass the cost on to the taxpayer no matter what they tell you.

I’ve lived in New Milford for over 40 years, taxes have steadily increased every year whether 2 percent or the 18 percent when the new high school was built.

Spending $20,000 to do a study to determine the need for a community center makes no sense.

As elected officials you need to make the tough decisions, which is not in the least as difficult as the decision made under former Mayor Pat Murphy’s administration to close Pettibone school in the first place.

If you decide to scrap the project, I believe opposition would be minimal at best, you don’t miss what you don’t have.

On the other hand if a decision is made to go ahead with the project, you don’t need a crystal ball, to see that expenditures could become astronomical.

The political fallout that would result, should the taxpayers be burdened with what could become an albatross that few would use, would be a grandiose mistake you could never recover from.

The best and simplest decision would be to sell the property and put the funds in the town coffers.

Simon Melzer

New Milford