To the Editor:

I am sending this to you for my close friend who is unable to do so.

"My thanks to three nice people who I do not know who came to my aid April 30 when I fell while wheeling my grocery cart to my car outside the Big Y.

"One offered assistance by calling 911 when he learned I couldn't move. A woman rested my head on her purse while yet another woman rushed to get a blanket from her car to comfort me.

"One of the women even volunteered to take my groceries home for me. Unable to find my home, she drove up and down my street until she found my friend, Dotty, working outdoors who responded helpfully.

"The three people who came to my aid waited until I was on my way to the hospital, where I found I had a fractured hip.

"Since then I have had surgery and am mending nicely."

"I'd also like to thank the good people at New Milford Hospital and Candlewood Valley Rehabilitation Center who have helped me throughout this time.

"Your kindness has been much appreciated."

Betty Kraus

On behalfof a friend

New Milford