To the Editor:

I am appalled by the lack of humane action taken by the Willow Springs condominium association in regards to the beavers that have just moved into our stream in New Milford.

This is not the first time beavers have chosen to move in, and this certainly will not be the last.

When the beavers built a dam a few years ago, the beaver family was trapped and killed. No actions were taken to prevent this from happening again.

This time, the beavers had someone to advocate for them. However, no change has happened in the mindset in Willow Springs.

The wetlands around Route 7 are being developed. This is good for our community and our taxes, but the price of the wildlife is also at stake.

No one is taking any action to help ease the migration and movement of the beavers. Because they are considered a pest by the state, it is often recommended to trap and euthanize the animals.

However, a water control device could be installed and the issue of flooding would be eliminated.

Humans and beavers can coexist respectfully.

When the association became aware of the new resident beavers, they took the advisement of a state-certified trapper instead of considering opinions from the residents who live in Willow Springs.

Most residents were under the impression beavers are trapped and relocated, a practice our neighboring states, Massachusetts and New York, follow.

However, because of the population in Connecticut, the law is to trap and discard these animals.

It is my hope to save the beaver family that lives within a few feet from my condo, but my suggestions and actions are not being heard or considered.

The Humane Society even took the time to write a letter to my condo association, but they did not even respond to its expertise.

The sssociation's increasing silence gives me the impression we are aiming to live in a concrete jungle, with no interaction from the wildlife that surrounds us.

I am deeply saddened by the cold-hearted actions to rid this place of what naturally should be here.

Kristin Hankins

New Milford