American Indian Studies' Wigwam Escape earns award

WASHINGTON — Wigwam Escape at The Institute of American Indian Studies, 38 Curtis Road, won the 2020 Golden Lock Award by the Room Escape Artist last December.

“They were impressed by Wigwam Escape's unique take on learning through play, with their innovative and interactive puzzles allowing for problem-solving and critical thinking from multiple perspectives,” a Wigwam Escape announcement said.

The Wigwam Escape journey begins in the year 1518 as players leave all modern-day devices like watches and cell phones behind, learning to take cues around them. The room itself has hand-painted murals of New England forests, fields, streams, ponds, and gardens. The centerpiece of the room is a to-scale wigwam, crafted using traditional methods from local bark and trees. Players learn that a nearby fishing village has requested help, so they must hunt, forage, and gather supplies for a journey ahead.

This unique, hands-on approach connects players to the ways Native peoples lived and the skills they relied on 500 years ago in their daily lives, the announcement said.

Through April 25, Wigwam Escape is offering players 20% off their entire booking with discount code DEERANTLER. For more details, call 860-868-0151 or book online at