Although there are no parades and ceremonies,‘remember our deceased veterans’ and those unaccounted for

To the Editor:

Although Memorial Day 2020 parades and ceremonies have been canceled due to COVID-19, we hope you will remember our deceased veterans as well as those still unaccounted for from all wars.

We ask you to pause and reflect to honor these brave individuals who were willing not only to preserve our freedom but to fight for the freedom of others.

Even in 2020, generations of POW/MIA families since World War II still wait to learn the fate of their loved ones and hope to learn the truth soon.

May those last known to be alive at the cessation of hostilities be returned to their families.

May the advances in forensic science supplemented with the battlefield research lead to the return of remains resulting in the identification of all the unknowns buried in military cemeteries and former prisoner of war camps across the globe.

May global peace prevail.

Kathy Shemeley


POW/MIA CT Forget-Me-Nots, Inc.

New Milford