To the Editor:

Several of your readers think gun control means an abridgment of their rights.

Whether closing loopholes that permit straw purchases or the licensing of weapons, as we are required by law to license our dogs have a license to drive a car, register and insure it, these laws somehow become threatening when applied to guns.

Restrictions of ownership of even the most deadly weapons, their sole purpose murder, is like an abortion and an abomination to many fellow Americans.

Now just suppose a member of the home is distraught and wants to use your weapon to justify a perceived wrongdoing or threat:

Losing a job, loss of a loved one; or a bottomless depression that one solves by suicide; a youngster who wants to show off or threaten another child; an intruder who is aware of your weapon and uses it on you.

The more guns one has, the more likely a tragedy can occur.

Remember Ft. Hood, Oklahoma City, Boston, New York and so many other cities and towns where someone used a weapon, especially an assault weapon, to snuff out the lives of innocent people, and so many little children, sometimes victims of gang violence.

Three hundred million prayers will not take guns, especially illegal and rapid-fire guns, out of the hands of irresponsible people.

Only fair, thoughtful laws can.

Barbara K Brumberg

South Kent