[The following is an open letter to the Roxbury Zoning Commission from Raymond and Barbara Hunicke, of Roxbury.]

Dear friends, we've been Roxbury residents since 1961.

At age 86 and 89, we're delighted we can eat two meals a day at Mamie's, except when they are closed Tuesdays.

It saves us gas and energy. We're delighted to enjoy this privilege.

Many Roxbury residents are older and less driving helps them and helps the environment.

Perhaps zoning should consider updating its regulations to accommodate older residents save mileage and gas expense to enjoy the privilege of eating in town.

The (next-door) nursery is run by a member of Mamie's family. It would be closed during the evening meal.

We often sit by the window so we can enjoy seeing children run around outdoors as their parents eat their meals at the outdoor tables.

We believe it took a long time before zoing was accepted in Roxbury.

Zoning should adapt to changes. I'm sure the regulation quoted was written before today's gas prices.

When in high school, we bought gas at six gallons a dollar.

We want local business to succeed.

Barbara and

Raymond Hunicke