To the Editor:

Jay Hubelbank is the most qualified candidate running for selectman in Washington.

Jay's professional experience includes service as director of business, finance and operations in Regional School District 14, director of Education Connection in Litchfield and first member and then chairman of the Board of Education of our own Regional School District 12.

He has been an educational leader through his entire career.

Jay understands financial and educational issues that concern our small towns the most. He knows how to construct and implement multi-million dollar budgets, how to save money and what makes sense for small towns in tough economic times.

Hubelbank's experience could not come to our Board of Selectmen at a more crucial time as we wrestle with numerous fiscal and educational issues.

Jay knows how to work on a board, how to craft solutions to knotty problems. He is always well prepared and knows the legal side of issues.

Jay Hubelbank and I served on the Region 12 Board of Education together for years. He has my utmost respect.

I urge a vote for Jay Hubelbank for Washington's next selectman.

Irene Allan