To the Editor:

I got a little curious when I noticed Andy Grossman, Democratic candidate for the 67th District, listed as part of his "community service" on the CBIA website that he is the "Founder, Augie Editorial Services."

So I did a little research of my own on the NYS Department of State -- Division of Corporations.

Apparently, Augie Editorial Services, Inc. is listed as an active domestic business corporation -- in New York.

So who do I want to send to Hartford -- a person who owns three businesses in New Milford which are registered in state with employees, who owns commercial and residential property in New Milford and has many years of municipal volunteer public service experience like Cecilia Buck-Taylor?

Or someone who recently moved to town, has less than a year of community service in New Milford and still has his company registered in New York?

I think the answer is obvious. Let's send someone who has the commitment to live, work and register her companies in state.

Let's send Cecilia Buck-Taylor to Hartford.

Daniele Florio Shook

New Milford