To the Editor:

First, the wrought-iron atrium, a.k.a. the birdcage, now a proposed 99-unit apartment complex along West Street. Has a feasibility study been done?

Although the architectural rendering is attractive, the proposed location is only a few hundred yards away from the expanded town sewer plant to the north.

The Housatonic Railroad tracks are to the east, together with two nearby railway crossings, and The Bleachery building is to the south.

That leaves only the waterfront facing west as an attractive alternative.

With exterior rear balconies on three sides, one side faces the sewer plant, the second fronts the tracks and the third The Bleachery building.

Traveling from the apartment complex would entail driving past the sewer plant, where the roadway floods fairly often due to the low grading in one area along West Street, to a blinking red light on Bridge Street; to make a left turn, carefully merging with the traffic turning right from Railroad Street.

This is not for the meek or timid driver.

A more realistic alternative to a 99-unit housing complex would be to reduce the human element and build a multi-unit storage facility or another commercial use facility.

In my eyes, this would result in a much lighter footprint and eliminate extensive sewer plant and expanded utility hookups, as well as increased auto traffic.

Michael Cherney

New Milford