To the Editor:

New Milford deserves better representation in the state General Assembly.

For years, we have been represented by the Republicans, a minority party in Hartford.

The result: our town generally gets the scraps when it comes to largesse doled out by the Democratic legislature.

Most importantly to me, Democrats Bill Riiska for state senate and Gale Alexander for state representative have taken solid stands on important environmental issues involving our region.

They support the moratorium on the disposal of fracking waste in Connecticut and have vowed to ensure our water is safe to drink.

They would also fight for sustainable development and devoting resources to alternative -- renewable -- energy sources.

Both candidates have innovative, original ideas for bringing jobs back to Connecticut and to reform our property tax system.

Bill is an attorney who has served on a bunch of community groups in the state's northwest corner -- many dealing with mental health and educational issues -- and also the Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce.

Gale has been very active in New Milford community affairs, is an educator in the school system, and sits on the Board of Finance.

Please help move New Milford forward. Elect Riiska and Alexander to the state legislature on Nov. 4.

Lacey Wallace

New Milford