The desire to return to school and earn high school diplomas surely is no guarantee.

When a teen drops out of school, no matter the reason, it can be a tough road back.

Yet 30 young adults achieved that milestone June 15 when they received their high school diplomas during adult education commencement exercises at New Milford High School.

The graduates' honored speakers were Crystal Girgenti and Stephanie Tozzi.

Those earning high school diplomas via New Milford High School's adult education program were:

Ervin Aldana, Roberto Alferi, Jacob Anderson, Patrick Asendorf, Kerim Bahadir, John Bingel, Frank Benincaso, William Christoher, David Coons, Donna Granato, Craig Jackson, Christopher Kay, Codie King, Brandon Liguori.

Linnea LaVigne, Grabrielle Laukevicz, Katie Longcoy, Vincent Logue,. Devin McCarthy, Kenneth Molles, Zachary Mosca, Martin Mownn, Kristina Owen, Mario Rodriguez, Angela Roveto, Michaela Smith, Alex Totten, Stephanie Tozzi, Kristin Valentine and Lindsay White Kaminsky.