Adult Ed recognizes students with awards

New Milford Adult Education recently recognized students with awards.

Awards were presented at the Adult Ed graduation and closing ceremony held earlier this month.

Adult Ed award winners are Edna Hernandez and Judith Sanislas (Award for Positive Attitude); Jake Paessler (Award for VHS Transitions for Academic Excellence); Alexandra Philbroke, Norm Solis, Michelle Racowski and Rosa Torres (Award for Career Pathways, CNA); Jack DosSantos (Award for Social Studies, civics); Dorian Robertine (Award for Social Studies, principles of human resources); Matilda Comaskey and Dorian Robintine (Award for English, World Literature); Martin Walsh, Sage Willis and Caleb Hayden (Award for English, voices and values); Leonel Salvador, Hector Murillo and Lauren Pecora (Award for English, journalism); Patricia Bertram (Award for English, visual literature); Hunter Daab and Jack DosSantos (Award for Math, applied math); Ariosto Cardenas (Award for Model Student); Jack Paessler (Award for Exceptional Achievement Overall); Maria Guaman, Carlos Rios, Gladys Rios, Norma Castillo, Manny Suarez and Leticia Sanango (Award for ESL, Citizenship Award); Ziu Hua Lin, Agnado DaSailva Jr. and Lizhen Chen (Award for ESL, Commitment to Education); and Hunter Daab (Award for Commitment to Online Education).