To the Editor:

In Bridgewater, we have three candidates running for first selectman. I personally know all three and they are all good people.

All Bridgewater wants to stay the same, small-town community we know and love.

Two of them have already served terms as selectmen and one has not, but all of them are qualified for the position.

All say they want to bring a new inclusive atmosphere to our town hall, one that we have sorely lacked for a long time.

One candidate says he "considers all positions," another says he wants to "bring a positive, inclusive style to town hall," and the third will "promote an inclusive government where productive discussions and sharing of differing points of view will be encouraged."

I feel strongly this atmosphere is key to promoting the volunteerism that keeps our town alive.

As two of our candidates have already served as selectmen, it is unclear to me what efforts or results they achieved to encourage an inclusive atmosphere, to appreciate differences, or be independent.

I support Nancy Hawley because I feel she is the town's best chance of achieving a positive, inclusive atmosphere.

Serving on the Board of Finance, she has demonstrated integrity and independence in standing up against the politics of exclusion.

Her running mate, Leo Null, has demonstrated a deep understanding of the town's fabric and how to best preserve the best and improve the rest as we move into the future.

Both are competent and, most importantly, able to lead.

With Nancy as first selectman, the entire town wins -- even her political opponents.

Strother Purdy III