To the Editor:

There is only one candidate in this year's state representative race who has issued a plan for changing the hideously unfair property tax system.

Gale Alexander's plan makes sense to me. It would help the middle class, those on fixed incomes and those who are unemployed.

Gale's proposal -- which is detailed on his website -- would reform the system so property owners would pay a flat percentage based on their income.

Moreover, it would save the town $300,000 a year by relying on accounting procedures already being done on the state level.

Why duplicate what's already being done?

Gale has served on the New Milford Board of Finance for a number of years and is a longstanding member of our community.

He is the only candidate to have offered any kind of solution to the high property taxes we pay in town.

Please support Gale Alexander for state rep on the Democratic or Working Families Party ticket.

Scott Chamberlain

New Milford