Making a call to a business or organization can often be tasking.

Callers are often funneled through an automated system and callers are asked to press prompts to direct them to the appropriate department.

Accurate Answer LLC in New Milford has another solution.

A team of operators at the answering services provides personalized service for businesses and companies who want to be sure their customers’ needs are met immediately.

“We can be your virtual receptionist,” said owner Krysta Perrone-Rondini, who became operations manager in 2006 and owner in 2011 at which time the company became an LLC.

The company recently celebrated another step of growth when ita milestone — a move downtown at 20 Main St. South.

The answering service founded in 1993 had been operating out of a 1,500-square-foot basement at co-founder Joe Rondini’s home.

Perrone-Rondini said the move is positive for the company.

“I think people take us more seriously” having a house front, she said. “It’s given us even more legitimacy.”

The historic home on South Main Street is complete with several offices and a large room with cubicles for the trained operators.

A software program enables calls to various businesses and entities to be directed to Accurate Answer, where live operators answer the calls on behalf of the respective businesses.

“We act as a personal liaison to the business world,” said Perrone-Rondini

Messages will be relayed to clients in a timely manner, so no call is missed.

Services include emergency call handling/direct call patching, voicemail/client portal access, and taking orders and scheduling appointments.

“They’re wonderful,” said Annette Martin, office manager at Candlewood Valley Pediatrics in New Milford. “They’re right on the ball with everything.”

Martin said doctors are on call after hours and “it’s imperative” messages are relayed in a timely fashion.

Accurate Answer provides that service. Additionally, a complete list of calls and messages are supplied to the pediatric office to ensure no message is overlooked.

Perrone-Rondini said she has seen the evolution of technology and the company has kept up with the times.

In the early years, after Joe and his then-wife, Linda, founded the company, Accurate Answer had seven operators. Today there are 16.

“As technology developed, we had to grow with it,” said Perrone-Rondini, who began working at the company in 2001 and married Joe in 2011.

Joe died last April.

When a caller dials a business, such as a doctor’s office, software will recognize the phone number called and alert an operator at Accurate Answer.

The operator will, in turn, answer the call on behalf of the business.

“There are no buttons,” Perrone-Rondini said. “Just a voice answering who is happy to help you.”

Sara Guillemette of Washington Home Care LLC said when she was establishing the company, she sought n answering service that demonstrated “a kind, patient, empathetic response,” has “impeccable attention to detail” and provide follow-up “if I had not been able or avail to acknowledge receipt.”

“Accurate Answer does their best to get to know and understand the essence of each client’s products and services,” said. “That makes them a valuable asset. Their team becomes an extension of your team.”

Over the years, the company has handled calls for emergency services, doctors’ offices, hospitals and more.

Catering and lawn care companies are among more recent clients.

Perrone-Rondini said statistics show 85 percent of all business interactions occur over the phone.

Having a live answering service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and on holidays contributes to customer satisfaction, Perrone-Rondini said.

She cited how she personally made six calls to different contractors. All but one got back to her, and that’s who got the job.

For more information, call Accurate Answer at 20 Main St. South at 860-350-6000.