ASAP! grant to support community programs

ASAP! in Washington has received a $6,700 grant from the Connecticut Community Foundation in support of its Children's Community School (CCS) programs.

The funds will support Together We Connect: Gratitude Mural and Grade 4 Writing Program, as well as their Save Girls on F.Y.E.R (Future, Young, Educated, Role models) Film and Dance Projects, for both non-profit organizations based in Waterbury.

Over the course of three weeks, students will come together outside and safely physically distance to create a gratitude mural through Together We Connect: Gratitude Mural.

This year, it’s been more challenging than ever to connect in the ways we are used to. One of the most amazing ways to connect is through expressing gratitude. In the Together We Connect: Gratitude mural, participants will practice expressing gratitude--or thankfulness--from afar.

The Grade 4 Writing Program is an expansion of a program that ASAP! established in 2016.

In this year-long virtual program, students will work every week in small groups with a teaching artist to hone their vocabulary and writing skills.

Students have been working on poetry and exploring imaginative writing.

In the Save Girls on F.Y.E.R. Film and Dance Projects, young women from Save Girls on F.Y.E.R. will learn how to create a project and express themselves through the unique medium of film.

Techniques such as camera angles, composition, continuity, close-ups, voiceovers, interviewing skills and editing will all be explored.

This year they will use the genre of the documentary to explore their chosen topic of “Let Black Girls Live,” a documentary film by the Save Girls on F.Y.E.R’s Liberation on F.Y.E.R. Group that raises awareness and gives a voice to the voiceless.

Their goal for Let Black Girls Live is to inform the public about seven women of color who were killed by police.

ASAP! will provide a teaching artist for dance as another platform for expression.

Both the documentary and the dance projects will be shared at the Save Girls on F.Y.E.R.'s graduation in November.

ASAP! is a social profit arts organization Serving nearly 10,000 students throughout CT each year, ASAP! promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion in all its programs.