To the Editor:

As the budget season approaches, I would strongly urge the New Milford Town Council to restore the stipend for the New Milford Tree Warden, Joe Quadco.

Last year, the $6,500 stipend was cut in a cost saving move.

With the number of miles of town roads New Milford has, and the trees lining them, I feel this move was very shortsighted.

Especially when you reflect on the deaths and injuries that occurred this past year when trees came down during the violent storms we experienced.

Not many people are aware that even without the stipend, Joe continued to serve as our tree warden.

Joe not only has the knowledge that this position requires, but the passion and love of New Milford to keep the residents safe.

The tree warden not only inspects and marks the trees needed for removal, but they should also monitor the safe removal of those trees.

In all honesty, a town this size really should have a full-time tree warden for the safety of our citizens. It may seem costly, but not as costly as a loss of property or a life.

Bill Dahl