A memorial service for Cramer & Anderson Founding Partner 'Hank' Anderson is set in New Milford.

A memorial service to celebrate the life of Henry “Hank” B. Anderson, Cramer & Anderson founding partner, will be held Sept. 21 at 10 a.m. at the First Congregational Church of New Milford.

Those who knew the attorney and members of the public are invited to attend the service at the 36 Main St. church.

Anderson died at age 101 on June 22 at home in Brewster, Mass., where he lived with his wife “Bunny” (Theresa Virginia).

Anderson prepared the details for his own memorial service many years ago, including the speakers, and left instructions with the church, which were passed along to the current pastor, the Rev. Shannon Wall.

Anderson’s ashes were buried this past July in the New Warren Cemetery.

Cramer & Anderson Partners Art Weinshank and Randy DiBella will speak at the service, along with Judge John D. Moore.

The church’s condolence committee will serve sandwiches and desserts after the service.

Anderson, a decorated veteran, came to western Connecticut to live and work, initially joining the firm of Attorney Harry Bradbury, before partnering with Attorney Francis S. Ferriss to form the firm Ferriss and Anderson.

After Attorney Ferriss died in 1957, Anderson and Attorney Paul B. Altermatt formed Anderson and Altermatt. In 1962, they joined their firm with Cramer, Blick, Fitzgerald & Hume to create Cramer & Anderson, which was originally based in New Milford and Litchfield and has grown to include six offices in western Connecticut.

Anderson was active in many state and national roles, including serving as president of the Litchfield County Bar Association.

For more on Anderson, visit Cramer & Anderson’s website, where a tribute story is posted.