New Milford Zoning Commission members recently withdrew a proposed amendment to the regulations dealing with lot frontage and access on properties.

The commission decided Feb. 12 to withdraw its proposed amendment from consideration.

The perception had grown in town that the amendment had been designed to aid large business developments, said Sharon Ward, the commission secretary.

The intent of the proposed amendment was to address residential properties and match the language in the planning regulations, Ms. Ward explained.

The commission is rethinking the amendment before possibly moving forward with it at a future date.

Cedar Knolls neighbors to the proposed Saber New Milford LLC development site at 189 Danbury Road had accosted members

with concerns.

Wal-Mart is reportedly in discussions with Saber's affiliate, Westrock Development, to lease a proposed 154,600-square-foot building -- a fact that has raised alarm among the residents.

-- Susan Tuz