The Loaves & Fishes Hospitsality House in New Milford has a new set of young friends.

A dozen boys comprising the age 10 and younger New Milford Pride "A" youth baseball travel team are donating $1,100 to the local soup kitchen.

The money has been raised during an ongoing "hit-a-thon," the brainchild of player mom Julie Pokrinchak.

To date, the players registered more than 300 hits, each worth a donation from various community sponsors.

"So many kids think baseball is the end all, be all," Pokrinchak said. "I wanted to show the boys that you can help out your community doing what you love."

Her 10-year-old son, Miles, is a team member.

He chose Loaves & Fishes to receive this year's charity donation.

Miles' younger brother, Landon, 8, already takes homemade deserts to the soup kitchen regularly and has completed several other charitable fundraisers.

Miles was unable to comment for this story due to illness.

Seventy-five sponsors have rewarded the players with 25 cents for each single and 50 cents for a double, etc.

The team has played 32 games this season and two more games are scheduled this weekend.

"My wife is always looking for creative ways to raise money for charities," said Kirk Pokrinchak, Miles' dad. "The players went out and got sponsors. My wife created an Excel spreadsheet and sent copies out to the sponsors with a tally of hits."

Loaves & Fishes president Lisa Martin was delighted Tuesday to hear of the team's success and generosity.

"This is amazing," Martin said. "We always encourage the youth to get involved with helping others but this was tremendous. We are so proud and privileged to count the Pokrinchak family and the boys of this team as friends."; 860-355-7322