What's going on with NASCAR?

NASCAR has been wondering what it needs to do to get ticket sales and TV ratings back up.

I took a look back at NASCAR's top stories from last year and not much has changed.

The debate about the Car of Tomorrow (COT) is still going on. NASCAR has made some changes, but the racing has been boring, except for Daytona and Talledega.

The one good thing about the COT is that it's definitely safer.

The economy is still in a slump and that's definitely affecting ticket sales.

I could not believe officials didn't even open the back stretch grandstands at Daytona for the Coca-Cola 400 in July. That race used to always sell out.

TV ratings are also still down, like last year. Is it boring races, bad commentators or something else?

Some people think it's because Dale Earnhardt Jr. is having such a bad year that fans are simply not tuning in. (I think that's a stretch from the truth).

A big question that started mid-season last year was how would Tony Stewart do as a owner/driver this year?

Well, Stewart has answered that in a big way. He has three wins so far and is leading the points.

Going back to Daytona in February, some people were wondering how the open-wheel guys coming over from the Indy Series would do.

Jacques Villeneuve didn't make the Daytona 500, and the Dario Francchitti and Patrick Carpentier teams shut down before mid-season due to lack of sponsorship.

So, now knowing the answer to how those guys would do, why did Danica Patrick visit Stewart-Hass Racing a few weeks ago?

Rumors have been flying high that she may be coming to NASCAR, just like they did a year ago.

And doesn't NASCAR seem to have its share of legal battles?

Currently, Jeremy Mayfield has a lawsuit against NASCAR for claiming he failed a drug test. Stay tuned.

There are other things affecting the sport but, if NASCAR keeps doing what its doing, it'll keep getting what it's been getting -- empty seats and poor ratings.

nPeter Dance of Warren has won for the third time this year and is leading the points at Whip City Speedway;

nStafford Motor Speedway: SK Modifieds; Doug Coby (21). SK Lights: David Webb (15), Lauren Cooper (17);

nLebanon Valley: Kyle Armstrong (4);

nThe Accord Speedway: Rained out again.

The Sprint Cup Guys are at Pocono on Sunday.