A bad situation could result in a positive outcome for the town of Washington.

Town selectman are incorporating improvements with repairs in response to an August propane explosion that damaged Bryan Memorial Town Hall and a fire in May that burned the highway garage to the ground.

"This isn't how you want to go about upgrading facilities, but we are trying to spend our money wisely as we go through with repairs," First Selectman Mark Lyon said.

The selectmen approached the Board of Finance Sept. 17 and received an appropriation of $20,000 toward an architect's development of request for price specifications for engineering and window replacement work on town hall.

"The stage buckled with the explosion," Mr. Lyon said. "It hadn't been used as a performance stage for years. It has to be taken out and replaced or that space has to be re-configured for some other use."

Replacement with thermopane glass was requested for the half-dozen large, original, arched windows blown out with the blast.

"I expect the cost of the RFP work to be around $12,000, but more may be needed and what isn't used can go back into the reserve account," Mr. Lyon said.

As for replacement of the highway garage on Blackville Road (Route 109), the selectmen want to construct a larger garage than the original at another site on the property.

Mr. Lyon was to go before the Zoning Board of Appeals Sept. 20 asking for a change to the zone use of the site.

The property has been zoned half commercial and half residential. A complete commercial zone use would be required to construct the new garage.

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