Vice President Joe Biden attended a private fundraising event Saturday in Kent, telling supporters this election "presents the starkest choice in my memory for who is going to lead this country."

The vice president paid his respects to state Democrats, including U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, U.S. Senate hopeful and U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy, and congressional hopeful Elizabeth Esty, a former state legislator.

His 45-minute speech Saturday largely focused on the differences between President Barack Obama and him and Republicans Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Vice President Biden accused the GOP candidates of wavering when discussing their past positions on the war in Afghanistan, budgetary matters and health-care policy.

He portrayed Gov. Romney and Congressman Ryan as politically calculating conservatives whose agenda is deliberately vague.

"It depends on the hour, it depends on the day. Literally, it depends on the subject and it depends on the audience,'' he said.

In contrast, with "the guy I serve with" -- President Obama -- "it depends on only one thing: his word," the vice president said. "What he says, he does."

Broadway star Audra McDonald performed at the event. Guests included Christine Baranski, Oliver Platt and Sam Waterston. Tickets for the event started at $250.

The event took place in a heated white tent on the spacious grounds of the weekend home of Sally and Tony Zunino.

Vice President Biden was introduced by Congressman Murphy, who is locked in a tight race with former wrestling CEO Linda McMahon for a U.S. Senate seat.

"All of our thanks to the vice president for what he did Thursday night," Congressman Murphy said. "I've been hanging around Linda McMahon a little bit ... and I think what Linda McMahon would say, what Joe Biden did to Paul Ryan Thursday night is a smackdown."

Vice President Biden said his close bond with the president is what motivates him.

"This man's become my friend," he said. "One of the things Obama is most passionate about is "that our daughters ... and my granddaughters should have ... every single, solitary opportunity to control their lives as much as my sons and my grandson."

The vice president concluded by thanking the crowd for their financial support.

"This is important not only for the next four years, but for the next 20 years," he said. "With your help, we're doing everything in our power to blunt the false distortions made against the president ... to deliver our message to the American people."