A Grammy could be in the near future for Pilobolus, the world-renowned dance troupe based in Washington.

In its 41st year, the dance group has been named a Grammy Award nominee for the first time.

Pilobolus, the rock band OK Go and director and choreographer Trish Sie collaborated to create "All Is Not Lost," the first video collaboration between the groups.

The video is a nominee in the Best Short Form Music Video category, up against Adele's video for "Rolling In The Deep" and Radiohead's video for "Lotus Flower," among others.

The 54th Grammy awards will air Feb. 12 on CBS.

Together with Google, Pilobolus, OK Go and Ms. Sie crafted an interactive online dance and music experience using HTML5 Chrome -- the first of its kind.

The project showcases the latest in modern browser technology, allowing users the ability to direct segments of the choreography to incorporate a unique message in English, Japanese or any language using the Roman or Katakana alphabets.

Spread across 12 separate windows, "All Is Not Lost" is a kaleidoscopic of movement, music and living letters.

The video has been viewed by millions at www.allisnotlo.st.

Since its initial release in June, the video has been featured in The New York Times Magazine and performed live by OK Go and Pilobolus on "America's Got Talent."

A live version of "All Is Not Lost" has also appeared in eight U.S. cities and will continue to be performed around the country as part of Pilobolus' winter and spring tours.

The collaboration marks another milestone in Pilobolus' ongoing challenge to the existing state of creativity and the dance and performance industry, said Itamar Kubovy, executive director of Pilobolus.

"We talked for a long time about making a dance for small screens and expanding the possibility for and audience for dance through online media," said Mr. Kubovy.

"There is no one on earth we'd rather do this with than OK Go and Trish Sie -- it was an inspired, three-way marriage."

"We expanded Pilobolus' traditionally collective approach to creativity to include these artists from different disciplines -- music and film -- and all played together to create this dance, which is unlike anything anyone has ever seen before."

"Working with Pilobolus -- and of course with Trish -- was great because they share our belief that last century's creative boundaries are irrelevant," OK Go singer Damian Kulash said in a release.

"These days, a great creative idea is a great creative idea, period. You don't have to choose in advance whether your outlet is records, or films, or dances, or a computer program.

"Videos don't have to be subordinate advertising material for albums, and dance doesn't have to be confined to the theater."

"We were like peas in a pod with Pilobolus, trying to make something that lives in the world of dance, and music video, and digital space, but isn't confined to any of those spaces alone."

"All Is Not Lost" will be performed live Jan. 19 in Beaver Creek, Colo.; Jan. 21 in Boulder, Calif.; Feb. 4 in Stony Brook, N.Y.; Feb. 9-10 in Washington; and Feb. 17-18 in Austin, Texas.

For more information and tickets, visit www.pilobolus.org.