Carl Dunham is on a mission.

The New Milford attorney/developer is doing his best to have sewer lines extended to the north, along Kent Road (Route 7 North) in New Milford.

His goal is to build a conference center and high-end restaurant at the pinnacle of the former Sempra property, overlooking Candlewood Lake.

"It's time to put the Sempra piece back into the sewer district, and run sewer lines north to the Route 37 intersection," Mr. Dunham said.

In the late 1990s, Sempra Energy purchased 145 acres from Mr. Dunham in New Milford -- accessed from Route 7 -- with plans to build an electric generation power plant on the site.

Sempra's plans were rejected by the state's Siting Council and the property has since gone through a chain of private ownerships, ending in a bankruptcy takeover by Webster Bank.

That stretch of Route 7 was removed from the sewer district in 2005 and was left out of the district in the 2010 Plan of Conservation and Development.

"We've received a letter with Mr. Dunham's plan for consideration," Mayor Pat Murphy said. "Mr. Dunham does not own the property he's talking about building on, and there is no formal proposal before any town commission or board."

His letter was sent to the mayor, the Town Council, and the sewer, planning and economic development commissions.

"With an east-west connector (route) in place crossing the Housatonic River to Route 7 at Medinstill Inc. in Boardman, that Route 7 corridor north would be prime business property," Mr. Dunham said.

Developing an east-west connector in the Boardman district of town is supported in the 2010 POCD as one solution to improving the village center traffic circulation.

Andy Grossman and Richard Saitta of the Economic Development Commission said the commission is reviewing Mr. Dunham's proposal.

The EDC encourages people to come forward with new business concepts, they said.

Mr. Dunham further said the town's expanded wastewater treatment facility now has the capacity to daily process 2 million gallons of effluence.

That is more than enough to meet the needs of businesses projected to connect along Route 7 south (Danbury Road), he argued, where sewer lines have been run and three pumping stations are being installed.

The 2010 POCD cites the need to "enhance business zones," such infrastructure development is encouraged for the Route 7 southern corridor.

The northern corridor is recommended to remain "rural" with "smaller scale commercial" development.