Infrastructure work in New Milford is on the town's front burner.

Public Works Director Mike Zarba is pushing for funding and Town Council responded May 21 by approving $2.53 million in bonding for road improvements and $2.26 million for bridge, dam and fueling station improvements.

A five-year capital reconstruction program has been outlined by Mr. Zarba to rebuild and restore roads "that have deteriorated to a point beyond their useful service life.

A bridge reconstruction program has been included in the plan, as have reservoir dam repair and spillway reconstruction and replacement of the department's fleet fueling system.

Road reconstruction is planned for sections of Tamarrack, Long Mountain, Bass, Chapin and Sullivan roads, Aspetuck Avenue and Bonnie Vu Lane at an estimated cost of $2.48 million.

"Road reconstruction is subject to funding," Mr. Zarba said. "Our design plans are generally ready to go. We're prepared to move forward with beginning the work this summer and fall, with the remaining work to be completed in spring 2013."

Bridge replacement is in the design stage for two bridges in the Gaylordsville section of town on Riverview Road over Womenshenuk Brook and on Gaylord Road over Naromiyocknowhusunkatankshunk Brook, also known as Morrissey Brook.

Design plan completion is anticipated by September, with bids expected to go out in early fall, Mr. Zarba said.

"We would like to see work completed on both bridges by the end of fiscal year 2013," he added.

Mr. Zarba wants to upgrade the existing fleet fueling facility located at the Public Works facility along Patriot's Way.

The facility has two steel underground storage tanks -- a 6,000-gallon gasoline tank and an 8,000-gallon diesel tank. Each tank has a pump with twin dispensers for a total of four dispensing positions, Mr. Zarba said.

"The layout of the existing facility restricts the ability to fuel multiple, mixed-size vehicles as the larger trucks typically block the adjacent fueling system," he said. "The facility upgrades would also meet current regulatory and industry standards."

The cost of the proposed upgrade is estimated at $328,900.

Repairs and modifications were found to be needed to reservoir No. 4 dam and spillway in an October 2010 report by Roald Haestad Inc., consulting engineers who inspected the dam for the town.

The repair project is estimated to cost $675,169.; 860-355-732