New Milford is today a part of an information technology society.

Right in step, the town's information technology department has grown to reflect the times.

For the last few years, the town's IT director, Kendrick Protzmann, has handled all computer needs for town offices and departments on his own.

Protzmann made a pitch recently at the 2014-15 joint Town Council/Board of Finance budget hearings to have the town hire a network administrator at a $65,000 salary to help with the workload.

"We need a fully qualified person to help administer the network," Protzmann said. "I need someone who can diagnose what's going on if a system is down in a particular department. There are a million different things that could be wrong."

He explained there are more than a dozen network plans to keep running.

New Munis software has been added for the finance departments of the town and the schools.

The police department is now utilizing just 20 to 25 percent of its new software equipment. Protzmann said he needs to get that up to full capacity.

"I don't think that we can ignore that you need someone to help you," said councilwoman Katy Francis. "We can't expect one person to do all of this."

Police Chief Shawn Boyne lauded the work Protzmann has done in that department.

"We were brought from 1970 to 2013 in a matter of weeks when we got a professional IT person involved," Boyne said. "We're an information technology society. I can see where we are only going to be asking more of Kendrick."

The maintenance agreement for the finance department's Munis software would be budgeted at $61,500 for 2014-15.

Total yearly software maintenance agreement and Internet connections for 2014-15 would cost $228,550.

The computer ddepartment budget request would be $386,694.

Mayor Pat Murphy has made no reductions to the request.; 860-355-7322