Once again, the town of New Milford is at odds with its auditors.

The town's finance director, Ray Jankowski, has given the firm of Grant Thornton LLP an extension to Jan. 31 to complete the 2011-12 municipal audit for the town.

The audit must be complete for Mayor Pat Murphy's completion of her 2013-14 proposed budget.

The budget must be presented by Feb. 13 to the Town Council, according to Town Charter.

Mr. Jankowski told the Town Council Monday the delay in the 2011-12 audit's completion was not due to any way to the town.

Rather, it was because Grant Thronton had not been prepared to handle a municipal audit and was "training municipal auditing staff as the audit was in progress," he said.

Grant Thornton LLP was hired by the town in April 2012 with Mr. Jankowski's recommendation. The new auditing firm was hired by the town after problems arose with the firm of BlumShapiro.

In April, five bids were received by the town from interested firms. At that time, Mr. Jankowski cautioned the town about going with a firm that offered a lower bid than Grant Thornton's bid of $88,000 for the first year of a three-year contract.

Such a firm might, Mr. Jankowski said,like BlumShapiro did, try to cut hours put in to make up for the lower revenue being realized by their company.

The contract pays $90,000 for the second year and $92,000 for the third year of Grant Thornton's service.

The international firm of Grant Thornton LLC had acquired CCR certified public accountant & business advisor in December 2011.

CCR had audited the books for New Milford in 2005-06, 2006-07 and 2007-08.

-- Susan Tuz