Fostering a sense of global citizenship in students while encouraging inquiry-based learning is a goal at Shepaug Valley School in Washington.

To that end, humanities teacher Wendy Youngblood has reached out to the nonprofit TED (Technology, Education, Design) to bring live streams of TEDGlobal Conferences talks from around the world to Region 12.

"I've long been using TEDTalks in classes here, as have my colleagues. Their content and format are an integral part of our vision," Youngblood said.

TED Conferences bring together innovative thinkers from all walks of life to give like talks to live audiences. The vision of TED is "ideas worth spreading."

Most recently, on Oct. 8, Shepaug hosted a TEDGlobal Conference live feed of three talks from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

The public was invited to attend the session at the school.

"I have attended two TED conferences in New York City, and I was technical adviser to Sarah Williams when she organized and hosted TEDxShepaugValleyHighSchool here last May as her senior project," Youngblood said.

Youngblood took that familiarity with the TED licensure process and had Sarah's license transferred to her.

The first session, Oct. 8, was "Field Workers," which spotlighted experts addressing corruption and the digital divide.

The second session, "Urban Canvas," was six talks by artists, dancers, urban innovators and social activists.

The final session, "Empowering Technology," was talks by six people using the power of technology for social justice and to narrow income inequality.

"This is quite a feather in Shepaug's cap," said Alan Brown, Region 12's Board of Education vice chairman. "The content of the talks support or further the discussions in a variety of ongoing classes.

"The structure and scope of the talks," he said, "models rigorous and relevant research and presentation skills to our students."; 203-731-3352