Sweet Spot is a sweet stop Railroad Street shop to soon offer baked goods

Railroad Street shop to soon offer baked goods

There'll soon be a bakery on Railroad Street in New Milford. And for those who love tasty treats, it'll be an especially convenient stop.

Jolene Sallisky opened the Sweet Spot at 60 Railroad Street in June and, until this point, has been dishing out ice cream from the shop previously run by her mother, Eileen Fuller, as The Trackside.

Since her opening, the kitchen to the rear of the shop has been remodeled. By mid-September, Ms. Sallisky hopes to have it up and running, turning out breads, rolls and sweets for the community.

"Whatever sticks, sticks," she said. "I'll try it all -- vegan, organic. I want to give people what they want."

Ms. Sallisky has baking experience. She was the baker at a vegan-organic baked-goods and coffee shop in Indiana for three years. More recently, she did all the baking for the Gaylordsville Market for nine years.

"Now I'm ready to have my own place," she said. "There's no reason for people not to enjoy ice cream and baked goods because of whey or dairy allergies. People with diabetes enjoy a sweet treat now and then. I want to provide something for them all."

In keeping with that philosophy, Ms. Sallisky offers natural ice cream from Buck's Ice Cream manufacturer in Milford. She will even make a sugar-free sundae with sugar-free ice cream, sugar-free syrup and sugar-free whip cream, if her customer wishes.

As the bakery opens, the Sweet Spot will also offer gourmet coffee drinks and wireless Internet capability. The shop is open seven days a week.