[Editor's Note: The following is the 13th in a series of safe-driving tips from Bob Sharp, a Sherman resident and member of the Sherman Traffic Safety Work Group.]

Well, the seasons have come full cycle after a beautiful summer and early autumn.

It's time to refresh some thoughts on late fall and winter driving.

Here are some cautions to keep in mind for this time of year:

Our beautiful leaves can be treacherous on the roads. Remember: Wet leaves can be as slippery as ice, so anticipate that as you're braking and going around curves.

Stay aware, even in dry conditions, leaves can hide road hazards; pay attention when they're covering the road and you need to drive through them.

Overnight dew on the roads on a frosty morning can create icy conditions, even black ice. If the temps are low and there's any moisture on the road from dew or rain, be on the lookout for slippery conditions.

Bridges and overpasses can be particularly vulnerable to quickly icing because there is no warm ground under the roadway, only cold air.

I heard an interesting bit of information the other day that I thought I'd share with you.

Do you rotate your tires?

If you don't and two of your tires are worn more than the other two, be careful which axle you place them on if you're driving a front- or all-wheel drive car.

With front- or all-wheel drive, the natural inclination is to put the better tires on the front to improve traction going forward.

That's a mistake.

If there is a significant difference in tread depth between front and rear tires and the more worn tires are on the rear axle, there is a significantly increased likelihood that you can spin out in wet or slippery conditions.

You learn something every day.

Thanks for reading. Please remember, no distractions, and no texting while driving.

If you have a question or a suggestion for future Sharp Driving tips, please send it along to me in care of the Sherman Traffic Safety Work Group at SharpsTips@gmail.com.

Bob Sharp was a six-time, Sports Car Club of America national racing champion and IMSA GTU champion with 10 starts and 10 wins; past Nissan and Ferrari-Maserati car dealer; 50 years of selling cars and racing with Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, Walter Payton and his son, Scott Sharp. Bob wants to help future, new and experienced drivers have fun but stay safe in a lifetime adventure in the craft of driving.