Stuart again earns Dems' support in Bridgewater

Democratic First Selectman Bill Stuart garnered his party's endorsement Tuesday in Bridgewater to run for another term.

Mr. Stuart will run unopposed since the Republicanss did not name a nominee to challenge.

"We are not cross-endorsing Mr. Stuart," said Ned Bandler, Republican Town Committee chairman. "We approached potential candidates for the first selectman who declined to take on the rigors of the position."

Running with Mr. Stuart, now in his 26th year in office, on the Democratic ticket for a selectman's seat is Curtis Read. The Republicans are not running anyone for selectman.

Longtime political stalwart George Allingham was denied an endorsement by the Democrats to run for another term on the Board of Finance. His bid for endorsement by the Republicans was also lost during the caucus.

Mr. Allingham lost his Democratic bid to Lori Franklin, a business owner.

His Republican bid was lost to Ed Wainwright, who recently stepped down from the Region 12 Board of Education.

-- Susan Tuz