A recent presentation by Milone & MacBroom landscape architects with conceptual designs for Kent's proposed streetscape project received a thumbs-up from John Casey, the town's Streetscape Committee chairman.

"There were probably 75 people who attended," Casey said of the Oct. 8 presentation. "It was great because a lot of people were seeing the concepts for the first time. It brought new eyes in with new takes on the plans."

Improvements for calming traffic, including curb extensions and narrowing travel lanes, better defining crosswalks, and improving sidewalks are included in the conceptual designs.

The Streetscape Committee is asking for public input. One more supplemental report will come from Milone & MacBroom as the design continues to be refined, Casey said.

At this stage, the committee's attention is on fundraising. Grants are being sought to take the project to its next steps.

Susan Tuz