The state's Election Enforcement Commission is pursuing an investigation into the activities of Region 12 Board of Education member Greg Cava during the June 4 referendum in Roxbury.

Cava retained his seat on the board that day by a 227-174 vote over challenger Jan Steers.

"The commission determined at its June 19 meeting that the complaint was necessary to investigate," said Lindsey P. Leung, compliance staff attorney with the SEEC.

Roxbury resident Sharon Benedict had filed the complaint with the SEEC that Cava had violated the 75-foot rule during the election.

She said she has since been "under attack" in the community for speaking out.

Benedict alleges Cava was "sitting with his daughter working on her computer" when Benedict went in to vote and stayed there throughout the time she was voting.

In an email to First Selectman Barbara Henry included by Benedict with her complaint documents to the SEEC, she asks "is it allowed that Greg was sitting behind the person checking you in to vote and talking to voters?"

"I wouldn't think so," Henry responded. "I don't believe the registrars would allow him to do that."

Martha Munson, the town's Republican registrar of voters, acknowledged Cava was "reminded by the moderator to stay behind the 75-feet line."

She noted the registrars had received no complaints about him.

Other Roxbury parents who lent their names to the SEEC complaint as witnesses have declined to speak to The Spectrum due to backlash their children are experiencing.

"It's been quite ugly in town and our children are being ostracized, I will say that," said Dawn Collette, one of the three witnesses. "I'll do what I have to do. But I have to protect my children."

Also lending their names to the complaint were Matthew Collette and Toni-Anne Mellace-Murray.

Region 12 has been in the throes of a contentious debate about potentially closing its three towns' elementary schools and possibly building a consolidated, pre-K through grade 5 school on the Shepaug Valley Middle/High School campus along the Washington/Roxbury border.

The Board of Education voted June 17 to write the Commissioner of Education seeking approval to put that amendment to its regionalization plan to a vote in the three towns.

That vote would tentatively come in the fall.

Cava did not respond to Spectrum requests for comment.

On June 10, when told of the allegations against him, Cava had responded in his own defense.

"All I can say is there are no facts to support these allegations. I was in the building that day to vote as were others," Cava said.; 860-355-7322