New Milford's zoning regulation about signs has been revamped to provide clearly more flexible standards on the use of signage in the downtown.

The prohibition on neon signs in the village center was reinforced, with the exception of of allowing one interior illuminated "Open" sign not to exceed two square feet.

Those "Open" signs must be turned off when the business is closed and may not flash, blink, oscillate and/or rotate.

Existing neon signs now in some village center businesses will not be grandfathered in, as they were never allowed and not legally erected at this time, said Laura Regan, the towns zoning enforcement officer.

The change for interior window signs (non-neon) anywhere in business zones will stipulate such signs cannot exceed 25 percent of their window surface.

Temporary advertising signs, such as sandwich board signs, must be taken inside at the end of each business day when businesses are not open.

A change was made for gasoline price signs, allowing only the gasoline price on such signs to be LED/LCD illuminated. This change recognizes the new energy-efficient LED/LCD light sources.

The final adopted sign definition, Chapter 145 Signs, can be viewed on the zoning page of the town website,

Susan Tuz