Sherman residents will vote Friday to approve a one-time allotment of as much as $20,000 to be used for preliminary work for the construction of affordable senior housing.

The vote will take place at 7 p.m. during the town meeting at Sherman School.

The appropriation would be used to conduct an A2 survey,

title search and soil testing on a 47-acre

parcel of town-owned land behind the American Pie Co.

The work is necessary to determine the feasibility of using the site, known locally as the Murphy property.

"Our aim is to take care of the neediest seniors in our community," said Steve Roffwarg, chairman of the Housing Commission.

"These are people who are 65-plus and aging," Mr. Roffwarg said. "They're finding they can't do the steps in their home, can't manage the driveway anymore, can't manage a large house, but have connections to the town and don't want to leave."

Beth Trott, director of social services and the Senior Center, noted 33.5 percent of Sherman residents are 55 and older, while 24 percent are 60 and over.

First Selectman Clay Cope is an advocate for senior housing. It was a cornerstone in his campaign for first selectman.

Susan Tuz