Republican Clay Cope was endorsed Tuesday by his party to challenge incumbent Democratic First Selectman Andrea O'Connor in Sherman.

Mrs. O'Connor, running for a 5th term, was similarly endorsed Tuesday by the Democrats.

Mr. Cope has "grown used to the name Mr. Sherman," which he was dubbed for his years of service on the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Sherman Library Board of Directors.

He has chaired the library expansion building committee and noted, at this time, the expansion project is being recalculated under the direction of a construction management team.

That frees him for service to the town, he said.

"I've been hearing lately from people that what we need in Sherman is a change and I agree," he said. "I want to run a more democratic style Board of Selectmen with a team approach to shaping the town."

Noting his running mate for a selectman's seat, Arthur E. von Plachecki, is a past first selectman in the town, Mr. Cope said "I believe our combined experience will make a good team."

Mrs. O'Connor prides herself on "improving the town" during her administration, "helping to achieve many needed improvements to town buildings and infrastructure."

"I want to finish several important projects," Mrs. O'Connor told the caucus, "including the long anticipated Sherman Library expansion... and making improvements to town hall after the emergency services facility opens."

Mrs. O'Connor's running mate, endorsed by the Democrats for a selectman's seat, is Chris Jellen, who serves on the Naromi Land Trust Board of Directors.