Sherman is looking to add surveillance cameras at Volunteer Park to stop the problems that have popped up there.

The selectmen recently decided to add the cameras as a test program. Residents will still have to approve the funding from the capital fund for it though at a town meeting. That date hasn’t been set yet, but the selectmen are trying for Sept. 14 when other capital items will also be voted on, including a fence at Volunteer Field for $6,100.

The proposal for the cameras lists the price at $1,250 but voters will be asked to approve up to $2,000 just in case.

If this surveillance camera program is successful, then the selectmen will look at expanding it to other parks.

There have been cases of vandalism over the years at the park and problems with people driving on the grass, damaging it. There are also reported car break-ins and litter problems at Veteran’s Park with people disposing their household waste in the garbage cans there, causing them to overflow, the selectmen said Thursday.