Plans are moving ahead for security enhancements to Sherman School.

An appropriation of $75,000 was approved Feb. 15 in a town meeting for installing a security system at the school.

It is anticipated a portion of that amount would be reimbursed through a grant from the Connecticut Local Capital Improvement Program.

Camera and alarm systems will soon be installed. The exterior doors to the school are being changed to a card-swipe system for entry.

Glass doorways in the building may be reinforced. Plans are still being developed, with the Board

of Education and the town's

selectmen working with a

security specialist.

Details on all security enhancements are being kept confidential, according to Bob Camper, chairman of the Board of Education.

Sherman's resident trooper has increased his presence at the school since the Dec. 14 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.

-- Susan Tuz