A proposed regulation change to the sewer ordinance will go to a public hearing on Jan. 22 at 7 p.m. in the New Milford Sewer Commission conference room on West Street.

The proposed change "for transferring sewer usage" would allow the Sewer Commission to waive connection fees for businesses, providing 10 designated conditions are met.

The conditions are listed on the town of New Milford website in the commission's Dec. 13 meeting minutes.

Dan Casagrande, a commission member, supports the change, noting Danbury encourages new businesses with an ordinance which states meeting certain criteria allows the city to waive user fees for a year or longer.

Mayor Pat Murphy noted during December's Economic Development Commission meeting that businesses might be allowed to use sewer connection money already paid to apply for a new location.

Pete Bass, a commission member, added the commission could meet competition from other towns for businesses deciding where to locate.

Mr. Bass added the New Milford plant previously had the highest septage fees in the area and, when those fees were reduced, there was an increase in vendors using the plant.

Susan Tuz