A Schaghticoke Middle School student has been arrested in connection with possible school threats.

A teacher at the New Milford school found a notebook Friday, Nov. 21 that had been left in a classroom, said Superintendent of Schools JeanAnn Paddyfote.

The teacher flipped through the notebook, Paddyfote said Monday, to determine whom it belonged to and found written threats directed at teachers and students at the school.

Paddyfote was informed of the situation by Schaghticoke principal Dana Ford, who notified the New Milford Police Department.

"I think everyone acted very swiftly, beginning with the teacher," Paddyfote said. "The staff handled it very well and I am pleased with the swiftness and the cooperation of the police."

Police determined a student at the middle school had written the threats.

The student, whose name and age were not released due to the child's age, was charged with breach of peace. The student was released into the custody of parents and is scheduled to appear Monday, Dec. 1 in Danbury juvenile court.

"As in any situation, we deal with it as a case-by-case situation," Paddyfote said, "but if there are any verbal or written threats that are made, we will take it seriously and notify police if necessary."

Officers searched the school as a precaution and nothing was found to suggest the school or students were in danger, police said.

In a letter addressed to school district parents, Paddyfote wrote:

"Both the teachers and the parents of the students who were named in the notebook have been informed of these threats. Additionally, the police have conducted a search at Schaghticoke, and nothing was found that would suggest that either the school's students or its staff were in imminent danger."

The Schaghticoke incident is the fifth recent school threat in the Greater New Milford and Danbury area.

Most recently on Nov. 14, Newtown Superintendent of Schools Joseph Erardi announced a lock-in for both Hawley Elementary School and Newtown Middle School due to a threat called into the St. Rose of Lima School on Church Hill Road.

The threat was deemed to not be credible.

Two days earlier, a juvenile had been arrested on Nov. 12 in connection with social media threats directed at students and staff at Bethel High School that caused a brief lockdown of all district schools, police said.

The juvenile, whose name and age have not been released, was accused of making the online threats, police said.

Newtown High School was placed on "lock-in" on Nov. 11 after a social media post threatened violence.

There have been no arrests in the two Newtown threats this month or for the October bomb scare that evacuated the temporary home of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Monroe.

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