Plans are in the works to fix a 20,000-square- foot portion of the roof at Schaghticoke Middle School in New Milford.

The Board of Education's facilities subcommittee decided Dec. 2 to recommend to the board that the 1990s section of the roof be worked on in summer 2015.

Approval of the project was set to be voted on by the board at its Dec. 9 meeting.

"The work can be done in four to six weeks over the summer," said Jay Hubelbank, the school district's business manager, "at a maximum cost of $400,000."

Board member Bob Coppola said he would like to see the money for the project come from the capital reserve fund rather than being included in the schools' 2015-16 budget.

If approved, Garland Co. would develop work specifications and do the construction.

Garland's Steve Botelho told the subcommittee in October the school's entire 94,000-square-foot roof must be replaced.

Superintendent of Schools JeanAnn Paddyfote recommended replacing the 74,000-square-foot section of the roof, constructed in 1979, in the summer of 2016.

Whether to apply for a state reimbursement for that roof replacement would still need to be determined.

That larger section of roof would have to be removed and replaced. At this time, the insulation in the 1979 section of the roof is wet and collapsing, according to Botelho.

"That is causing heat loss," explained John Calhoun, the school district's facility director. "The 1979 section is absolutely safe. When the insulation is removed during replacement, the asbestos in it will be removed. There are no air-quality issues."

A plumber would be hired to determine how drainage from the roof could be reconfigured. That would allow the roof to have a lower pitch, thus reducing the cost of the project, Hubelbank said.

Hubelbank said he should have a cost estimate ready by March for replacing the 1979 portion of the school's roof.